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Tire safety starts with trained technicians!

At EZ Lube our technicians are all TIA certified. The Tire Industry Association [TIA] is the leader in technical training and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need New Tires?

Over time your tires will wear out. When you come to EZ Lube we will inspect your tires and provide you with a thorough report on their condition.  The legal limit on tread depth in Canada is 1.6mm or 2/32nd of an inch however many tire manufacturers recommend you replace your tires before they reach this point.
In addition to tread depth, temperature plays a key role in the safety of your tires. If you are not using an all-weather tire then, when the average temperatures reach 7°C, it is time to switch your tires from winter to summer or back again.
At EZ Lube we will scan your tires with an extremely accurate hand-held laser scanner.  Lasers and internal navigation sensors analyze the tread-depth and profile of your tires for wear patterns that indicate a possible alignment condition. As a result, you receive a tire inspection report with detailed information on the tread depth of each your tires as well as alignment and rotation recommendations. 

Why EZ Lube

At EZ Lube, we offer a variety of tire services including sales, repair, balance and rotation. We are TIA certified. The Tire Industry Association [TIA] is the leader in technical training and safety. At EZ Lube we offer:

• No Appointment Needed
• Same-Day Service
• Large Selection of Brands and Styles
• Certified Tire Technicians

What Size Tire Do I Need?

To determine the size of tire that is recommended for your vehicle look inside the door jamb of your car. The manufacturer of your car places a sticker there that lists the recommended width, profile, and wheel size for your vehicle.

What Type of Tires Do I Need?

When purchasing your new tires, it is important that they suit your vehicle, your driving needs and the current season. Most tires fall into a category of tires that can be driven year-round but if you have seasonal tires they will need to be changed in the spring for the warmer months and in the fall for the cold weather and winter driving conditions.
All Weather Tires are best in milder winter conditions with heavy rain, snowfall that melts quickly and slush. The tread design will grip on snow and push away rain and slush to provide stability. The rubber compounds will provide grip above and below 7°C.
All Season Tires are really 3-season tires in our west coast conditions. They are designed for warm, dry and mild wet conditions. These tires have a finer tread that is not effective at pushing away snow and slush with rubber compounds that grip best above 7°C.
Summer Tires are designed to provide traction in dry or wet weather in the warmer months. They are not designed for temperatures below 7°C or any type of winter driving conditions.
Winter Tires are designed for consistent snowy and icy conditions. They have deep grooves that push away snow and slush to maintain road contact and are designed to stay soft in cold temperatures and provide ultimate grip at temperatures of 7°C and below.

What Brands Does EZ Lube Sell?

At EZ Lube, we offer top name and value brands for a wide range of car, truck, and SUV tires. If you are uncertain which brand and model would best fit your vehicle and driving conditions, just ask our certified technicians. They will be happy to help.

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Customer Reviews

Dear Ron, I had an oil change today at your garage. I would like to say that Rob was a star and he was very helpful with the needs of my car. I felt so happy to have someone explain things so I could understand for that I will keep giving you business and recommend you to friends and family! Many thanks and see you soon!

– Nancy

I came in for an oil change today. I would like to thank Josh, I believe that was his name, for being so helpful and very informative with any questions that I had. He was very pleasant and had excellent customer service.

– John

I get my oil changed and other services done EZLube all the time. All of the staff is great, very welcoming, and very knowledgable. They’ve helped me out in a pinch a few times. The customer service is perfect. I look forward to my oil change with these guys!

– Dan