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What Your Car Says About You

What your car says about you, EZ Lube Automotive, Langford, blog

In case you didn’t know this, you are what you drive. Let’s be honest, when you see a Hummer or a VW Westfalia van, for example, you tend to immediately speculate who’s at the wheel, even if subconsciously.

Cars make a strong statement about who you are; people gravitate towards things that represent what they value and reflect their own brand. It’s natural. And of all the statements one can make about their status, values, personalities etc. there are none more visible then the type of car they choose to drive.

Here is our list of the top 10 most common car/brand stereotypes and words that come to mind when we think of them, in no particular order. Well, except for the first one, maybe:

1. Hummer: loves off-roading, believes bigger is better, enjoys rewarding themselves

2. Camaro: jeans, rock music, loves the 80s

3. Westfalia Van: surfing, camping, happy

4. BMW convertible: style-conscious, wealthy, enjoys attention

5. Jaguar: elegant, enjoys the finer things in life, passionate

6. Honda van: family, not concerned with image, practical

7. Truck: manly, good with power tools, trust worthy

8. SUV: livin’ large, likes to be noticed, flashy

9. Subaru Forrester: active, adventure seeker, plain

10. Eco friendly car: health conscious, intelligent, opinion leaders

Even the colour of car people choose to drive says a lot about them. According to Canadian Living Magazine, here are the personalities behind the colors:

Red is a bold, energetic colour. Warm and sensuous, it gives off vibes of high energy and stimulation. People who like red might be, or might like to project the image of themselves as, ambitious and impulsive, courageous high achievers and risk takers.

Black subsumes all colours. It suggests power and mystery, with overtones of comfort and silence. Black says, “I’m at the top of the pack.”

White is linked to innocence and purity. People who favour white might be dreamers, with an eye on the big picture or possibly searching for a bigger connection to life.

You might be a communicator, someone who inspires trust. You may be someone who reacts from a place of instinct and trusts those instincts.

Green is a friendly, calming colour, especially in current times and with its connection to the environment. Green brings to mind nature — forests, grass, trees. People who choose greens might be observers, catching details that others overlook.

Blue is an emotional colour, cool and calm, promoting relaxation and tranquility. If you like blue, you might be conservative and loyal; you might value affection and tenderness.

Orange or bright yellow
Bright colours like orange and bright yellow say, “Look at me!” They’re fun colours, full of flamboyant spontaneity and energy.