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Change It Up: The Importance of Getting Routine Oil Changes

Every car needs an oil change. In fact, it’s recommended that drivers have this service completed approximately every 6,000 kilometers, or as outlined in the owner’s manual. There’s no doubt that frequent oil changes prevent expensive restore costs and keep vehicles in good working order while prolonging their life – without this service they can end up with accelerated wear and tear, loss of performance and fuel economy and increased emissions and oil consumption. Sadly, many drivers neglect to comply with correct maintenance procedures, thereby considerably decreasing the lifetime of their vehicles. Not good.

Dirty oil contains all manner of particles and impurities that can clog oil passages and damage internal engine components. An oil change is a procedure through which the previous oil is drained from the engine, the oil filter is replaced with a brand new one and new oil is added. Your car will also receive a multi-point visual check including your tires, transmission and all the other vital fluids that it requires. This service is easy, quick and inexpensive and provides your vehicle with the care that it needs to prevent potential problems and get you back on the road safely. Save your worries for something else and do yourself and your car a favour; come in for an oil change today, it’s worth the investment!