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Get Your Car Back to School Ready!

Get your car back to school ready

Once the kids go back to school, the amount of time you spend in your car ususally goes up – in carpool lines, to and from extracirricular activities, running household errands and getting to appointments. As you prepare the kids for back to school, consider this car-care checklist so that your car is prepared as well.

– Check the vital under the hood: fluid levels of engine oil, coolant and transmission, brake and power steering fluid and battery (including its date)

– Check the tires for uneven tread wear, proper pressure, nails or other potential hazards

– Check the lights

– Check to see if it’s time for an oil change; check your window sticker or your handbook for vehicle manufacturers recommendations.

And while you’re at it, stock your vehicle with the essentials: first aid kit, tire pressure guage, healthy snacks, pen and paper, paper towel, rags, book or magazine, extra oil and an emergency roadside kit.